I would like to say THANK YOU to the following people:

None of my achievements would have been possible without their help and advice.

José María Abril

UBS – Private Banker

For sharing with me all his knowledge about the financial markets and being not only a great colleague but a better friend.

Vicente Salgado Fuertes de Villavicencio

UBS – Private Banker

For allowing me to join his team at UBS and specially to provide me with a great letter of recommendation when I moved to London. Thanks to it I had several job offers.

Antonio Sanz

UBS – Head of Operations

Probably the best boss I have ever had. I envy any employee that works on his team.

Fernando de Calzada

Pictet WM – Senior Banker

For constantly supporting me year after year… when things where going good and when things where not going as expected. Always there to help!

Pedro Delgado

Tour de France winner 1988

I have learnt from him the meaning of humility as someone that has been an amazing champion and my idol. I feel so lucky to have him as friend!

Will Armitage

Angel Investor. IG Markets – Former Head of International Business

For giving me the chance to join IG Markets when they enter the Spanish market. For providing me with the necessary confidence and knowledge to attend the financial Spanish media interviews.

Stephan Ferrux

CubaAutrement – Founder & CEO

The Havana Music School project would have never been possible without him. He is able to create the most amazing experiences in Cuba.

…to all my family and close friends!